The company was founded with the goal to further extend and specialize developing and manufacturing methods of radiation measurement, building upon years of experience. The business objectives are the development of high quality electronic and sensor components for industrial and environmental use collaborating with "ADOM GmbH", a technological enterprise for visual data-communication.

Basic elements are silicon, silicon carbide, germanium, or other basic materials as photodiode chips, high quality optical glass filters, housed photodiodes, arrays, etc, as well as photodiode constructions developed in collaboration with the company "ADOM".


A know-how to produce sensors that combine a different range of effects in nature and technology. It is a clever combination of different components such as chips, filter glass, housing, etc. Examples: erythema, UV-B UV-A, Vis, PAR, quantum, N-IR, IR

Major products

are robust and high quality radiation measuring heads for a different range of use and prices.

Handheld devices

including test receivers for all wave lengths using semi-conducting filter glass- and fluorescence-adjusted sensors

Accessory equipment

i.E. heating, ventilation, levelling units; multiple signal outputs or solar power supply

Spectral sensitivity