for industry and the environment

For more than 25 years our company has been dealing with radiation physics, the properties and effects of electromagnetic irradiance or illuminance and their detection. We cover the wavelength range from ultraviolet at 250 nm to far infrared at 2800 nm wavelength.


The applications for our sensors are very varied. In the case of climate-neutral energy generation by photovoltaics (solar panels, solar fields), pyranometers are used to observe solar radiation. Thermopile sensors record the radiation flow of a day, comparable to the data of the German Weather Service. Si- pyranometers with solar panel-like spectral characteristics are simultaneously aligned to the sun to observe a functionally correct operation of the panels. Thermopile and Si sensors as well as a sunshine duration measuring device are used in meteorology, agriculture, maritime and aviation, but also for management systems in buildings.

Other sensors work in the field of ultraviolet light (UVC) and are used in disinfection facilities in the water purification industry. If there is a risk of sunburn (erythema) caused by part of the UV-B, one of our sensors can be used to determine the UV index or the duration of stay in the hazardous radiation. We can evaluate UV-B, UV-A, Blue Light Hazard as well as the plant-relevant parts in the quantum spectrum and photosynthesis (Photosynthesis Active Radiation - PAR). An important area in our company is light technology with Vis- or V-Lambda sensors. The near infrared belongs to our field of activity as well. All spectral ranges are detected differently, either Cos-compliant or spherical.

Areas of application




  • Photovoltaic Combination sensor

    Combination sensor for solar panels
    2 sensors + protective cover + leveling device
    perfect monitoring of PV systems

  • Handheld device

    portable measuring device "UNIRAD" featuring
    8-channel 16 Bit ADC
    Full-fledged data logger
    PC-connection via USB
    usable for all X.5 and X.15 devices